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EURIE conference program is designed to address current issues in internationalization of higher education and key topics in higher education management. In 50+ sessions of plenary talks, panels, seminars, roundtables and workshops, you can improve your knowledge, exchange ideas and be inspired.

Conference Call

For more information about the conference program and to submit a proposal, please visit and contact the Conference Coordinator at  [email protected]

You are invited to submit panel and presentation proposals to share best practices and innovative approaches on the following subthemes:

  1. Recovery in International Student Mobility
  2. Revitalizing Global Learning
  3. Renewing Global and Regional Engagement
  4. Digitalization in International Education
  5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in International Education
  6. Sustainability in International Education

You can submit an individual presentation proposal or a complete panel proposal. A complete panel is composed of two speakers and one moderator. Complete panel proposals with speakers from different regions, countries, organizations etc. are preferred.  If you submit an individual presentation proposal, the conference coordinator will match your topic with another individual submission and form the panel. Each session is 45 minutes.

PANEL PROPOSAL FORM – Click to download.


Proposal Submission Deadline:  December 1, 2022

Panels announced:  January 1, 2023

Hear sector leaders share their insights and analyses in international education. Listen to researchers talk about higher education policy and practice from global, regional and national perspectives.

  1. University Governance for the Post-pandemic Era
  2. International University Associations and Networks
  3. Quality and Global University Rankings

Participate in a roundtable to share ideas and your experience of what works best in your institution, meet colleagues with similar interests and learn from their input.

  1. Women’s Leadership in Higher Education
  2. English as Medium of Instruction
  3. STEM Education

Conference workshops are designed for the professional development of international office staff at HEIs. Trainers are experienced peers who introduce contextual information and best practices in a specific area of international education. Register for a conference workshop to enhance your skills or acquire new ones and develop your job performance.

  1. Internationalization at Home
  2. Virtual Collaborations
  3. Digital Marketing and Recruitment