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Exhibitor or Visitor


Register as an exhibitor and represent your institution in the Exhibition Hall for increased brand recognition, effective networking and arranging meetings at your stand.

Exhibitors can choose a standard stand package (9-12-18 sqm) or pavilions of various sizes with custom design options for an extra fee.

Please contact the EURIE Secretariat to ask for country pavilions (24-54 sqm) and custom design options at [email protected]

Exhibitor registration fee includes:

  1. Standard stand package (table/s, chairs, power socket, bin)
  2. The name of your institution/ organization placed visibly on the stand
  3. Depending on the size of the stand, a number of exhibitor registrations
  4. Access to all conference sessions
  5. Conference catalog and bag
  6. Conference networking software
  7. Lunch and coffee breaks
  8. Free networking events

Stand Size (m2)

Stand Price




Exhibitor registrations included

9 sqm

2880 USD

2448 USD

2 persons

12 sqm

3840 USD

3264 USD

3 persons

18 sqm

5760 USD

4896 USD

4 persons

*Early-bird discount is 15%. Early-bird registration deadline: December 1, 2022

EURIE 2023

  • 3 days of impactful networking in the EURIE Exhibition Hall
  • 100+ exhibitors expected
  • 3 days of conference to explore trending topics in international Education
  • 50+ concurrent conference sessions and 150+ speakers expected


Register as a visitor to access all the conference sessions and the Exhibition Area for networking.

Visitor registration fee includes:

  1. Access to panel sessions
  2. Access to the plenary sessions
  3. Access to roundtables
  4. Access to workshops
  5. Access to the Exhibition Area
  6. Conference catalog and bag
  7. Conference networking software
  8. Lunch and coffee breaks
  9. Free networking events



Early Bird*




300 USD

400 USD

500 USD

EURAS member

200 USD

300 USD

400 USD

Lower-income country**

200 USD

300 USD

400 USD

*Early-bird visitor registration deadline: December 1, 2022

**If you are working in a country that classifies as a ‘low-income economy’ or ‘lower-middle- income economy’ by the World Bank, you qualify for a reduced conference rate.